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The G-Spot: What Is It, How To Find It, And What Are The Best Positions That Hit It

What Is The G-Spot

The G-spot, which is known to open the way to multiple and intense orgasms, is described as a separate female organ, also called the “female prostate.” Some are still not sure that the G-spot actually exists. Others actively use this particular area of their bodies. In this article, we will discuss everything that you want to know about the G-spot, including how to find and correctly stimulate it.

The G-spot is a certain area inside the female vagina that when stimulated, orgasms occur. This is not a separate organ, but just another area in the body. There are many different descriptions of the g-spot area – some call it a “cavernous body,” others call it a “pea”, and some even call it a mound inside the female bosom.

Where Is The G-Spot

The G-spot can be found at a depth of 2.5 to 6 cm and is not easily identifiable to all women.

It is worth noting that the concept of “spot” does not quite correspond to reality. It is rather a small area in which the vagina is in close contact with the ureter. The urethra is surrounded by paraurethral glands, and in this place, they are very close to the stimulated area.

The impact on these glands through the wall of the vagina causes maximum pleasure. It turns out that G-spot is not on the surface of the mucous, but behind the wall of the vagina. But if it is properly acted upon, it will really give a pleasant experience.

The G-spot can be found at a depth of 2.5 to 6 cm and is not easily identifiable to all women. It may not be visible visually, but it is still important to know where it is located for proper stimulation. You can find it yourself: lie on your back, with your legs wide apart, inserting your fingers inside the vagina and holding your palm up, finding the necessary point with fingers.

G-Spot Stimulation

It will take time, mutual understanding between partners, and a lot of experimentation to learn how to get orgasms from G-spot stimulation.

Your G-spot works normally if during stimulation of the vagina comes strong arousal.

An orgasm comes and some amount of fluid is released. Sometimes the G-spot is the cause of squirting orgasms.

Stimulating the internal glands results in the release of accumulated fluid, similar in composition to the male sperm rather than urine, although this physiological reaction gives the woman the sensation of peeing.

If vaginal stimulation does not cause any reaction, arouse G-spot by working on it.

The zone in the front wall of the vagina, where the inactive G-spot is, must be massaged with different intensities. The movement should be in a single unhurried rhythm in the form of pressing and stroking with different strengths.

G-spots for each woman is located differently, and, consequently, the reaction to its arousal may be varied. Therefore, it is necessary to relax and listen to the sensations.

It will take time, mutual understanding between partners, and a lot of experimentation to learn how to get orgasms from G-spot stimulation. Sex toys, such as vibrators, will help. And only then you can proceed to the penetration that will hit it.

Best Positions To Stimulate The G-Spot

Most of the sex positions are generally not suitable for stimulating the G-spot. In most of the positions, the penis touches the G-spot only a little without causing any sensation.

Therefore, you need to choose those positions that have a correct angle of entry during sex. But it’s not only a matter of technique – if you don’t have the mood for intimacy and if your partner ignores foreplay, but with a fiery passion, he rushes to orgasm, then it’s better not to start.

Without desire and prior to warming up, any stroking action in this area will only lead to disappointment – most probably, your partner will not be satisfied if she doesn’t reach orgasm.

Only attentiveness, patience, and the ability to listen to the reactions of the body will help you find the cherished spot. Here are the best positions to stimulate the G-spot:

Vertical position. In this position, a man must have an excellent physical condition, because he will have to stand and hold the woman by the buttocks when she embraces the man’s hips with her legs. In this case, the man moves progressively as if makes small squats. This is best if he is big and strong, and you are small and lightweight.

Dolphin position. Leaning on his shoulders, the woman raises her pelvis as high as possible, the man holds her legs under the knees and draws her to his hips.

Prone position. The woman is in a prone position, the man enters and pulls her knees to his chest, so that his partner’s pelvis lifts.

Chaise lounge position. The man sits on the bed and rests on his bent elbows, while his partner is located in front, placing her feet on his shoulders. In this pose, the stimulation of the G-spot is achieved due to the sliding movements.

Doggie-style position. Everything is absolutely simple and known to all. However, as we remember, in order to stimulate G-spot, one must move slowly. In this position, the rhythm can be controlled either by a man or both partners.

Inverted spoon position. A man and a woman are lying on their side facing each other. Penetration is shallow, but its angle is ideal for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot.

Worst sex positions for women and why they don’t like it

There are hundreds of sex positions; so many options that you can experiment with a new one every day for an entire year. In addition to the classic positions, a lot of lovers are practicing positions that women do not particularly enjoy. But what are these positions? And why do women hate them?

Why Women Dislike Some Sex Positions

A lot of lovers are practicing positions that women do not particularly enjoy.

Every woman will certainly admit that there are sexual positions that suit them and those that they do not feel comfortable with.

When practicing sex, it is worth experimenting in bed, but to a certain limit. If something does not suit you, even when your partner is delighted, you should not force yourself for his satisfaction and pleasure.

In this article, we’ve gathered a few sexual positions that women do not like. These sexual positions not only make the partner dominate them, but they are also burdensome for women. Sex should give us pleasure, even if we like to splurge.

Here are the 7 sexual positions that women like the least:

  1. The “pin”

This position looks like a woman lying on the edge of the bed and straightened legs lifts up and rests on the shoulders of a man. The partner stands opposite the woman and during her penetration puts her hands on the woman’s thighs. This is a position for women who like to devote to their partner and pass on his control.

Some women complain that, apart from the fact that they do not like their partner to dominate, and in this position, it is so, women are disturbed by the position in which they lie because they feel neck and back pain.

2) The “worm”

To set the body in the sexual position “worms”, the easiest way to start is from the position of “inverted rider”, meaning a woman sits back to the partner.

Then the partner leans forward and transfers the weight of the body to the bent elbows and hands. This is not a good position for women who have weak hands, and in addition, a good balance is needed in this position. This is the position in which the partner rules, which can not please the ladies.

3) The “armchair”

In the “chair” position, the man sits on the bed with his legs straight and gently tilts his back backwards to support his hands. The woman, however, must sit down so that her legs are based on the partner’s shoulders.

The important thing in this position is not to lose balance, the woman should lean back a little and put her hands on the bed. Although in this position movements and depth of penetration are controlled by the partner, in the opinion of women it is not a comfortable position and requires a large stretch.

4) Sit in your hands position

The “sit-in hands” position belongs to the so-called “rear” position. While the man is standing, the woman has to crouch on the bed, for example, with his back to the man. This item is not suitable for women who have weak legs because it is too tiring.

It is important that the partners fit in so that the partner is at the height of the entrance to the vagina. This item is perfect for anal sex, if you like that, of course.

5) The “trunk”

In the “trunk” position, the partner lies on her back with her legs bent and slightly parted.

The partner’s feet are supposed to touch the buttocks. The partner, on the other hand, arranges himself in the missionary position, leaning on his hands. Basically, he does not lie down on his partner, who is already difficult to position in this way.

Possibly, the partner will like this position. The female partners will feel dominated, although it requires their physical effort and stretching.

Sex should give us pleasure, even if we like to splurge.

Trying out these sexual positions is a great way to liven up your sex life and add spice to a routine practice. To some extent, these sex positions can be enjoyable. But in the end, the most important thing is communication between your partner to find out what she likes and what she does not.

Those are the 7 most difficult sex positions for women. What do you think? Have you tried out any of these positions? Let us know!